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Reversible Bed

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Elegant simplicity is the key to this reversible dog and cat bed. The modern design announces its sophistication with understatement. No need for loud declarations of importance. The micro plush fabric envelops your dog or cat in comfort. The reversible material allows you flexibility with general cleaning and upkeep.

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Are you a cat or dog lover?
This reversible bed will suit your little friend regardless of meows or barks
Elegant simplicity is the key to this reversible dog and cat bed. The modern design announces its sophistication with understatement. No need for loud declarations of importance. The micro plush fabric envelops your dog or cat in comfort. The reversible material allows you flexibility with general cleaning and upkeep.
About this reversible bed
This dog or cat bed will go with any home color and décor scheme. Simple, clean, and an ideal den for your dog or cat. Give your dog or cat the gift of modern elegance and sophistication.
Soft and cuddly fabric material
Simple and clean look
The sophisticated look goes well with home decor
Filled with natural poly fiber
Interior measurements – 16” x 13”
Exterior measurements – 22” x 18”
Approximate sizes
Ideal for extra small dogs
Dogs that weigh 1-10 lbs with the approximate size of 10” L x 8” W perfectly fit in this reversible bed. Dog breeds that fit: papillon, Yorkshire terrier, Japanese chin, chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese.
Great for small dogs
Dogs that weigh 11-25 lbs with an approximate size of 14” L x 12” W also have the perfect size for this reversible bed. Dog breeds that fit: dachshund, pug, Boston terrier, French bulldog, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Brussels griffon.
Change the life of your pets for the better!
Make your little furry friend feel right at home with this unbelievably comfortable bed. Completely reversible utilizing both fabrics. Durability tear strength with double stitching.
Advice for better use
Please remove all labels and all tags from the bed before giving it to your pet. This way, they will be able to feel the highest level of comfort.
About Nandog Pet Gear
After recognizing the limited options available to price-conscious dog owners for products that were not only affordable, but stylish and durable as well, Nando Vergara set out to create a specialty line of supplies and accessories that catered to the trendy dog-enthusiasts on a budget.
With the help of partner Mitch Klapow, the two put their creative minds together and developed a brand geared to dog owners with a passion for fashion. With a combined 20 years of experience in the pet industry, these guys know what they’re doing. Fueled by their passion, the two brought their vision to life, launching Nandog Pet Gear in 2010. What began as a dream has flourished into a successful brand that is now featured in boutique specialty shops and large retailers across the United States.
Nandog Pet Gear carries a variety of products including retractable leashes, toys, grooming essentials, travel accessories, and home décor, all boasting a high-end look without the designer price tag.
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Los Angeles, California
Brand values
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19 reviews for Reversible Bed

  1. R***n

    My dog loves it. Perfect size. Love thats reversible

  2. B***l

    There was ZERO training involved. Our dog went straight to it and lay down.

  3. N***y

    Huge for a Bichon but he loves the extra room to bring his toys in for a nap.

  4. L***a

    This is a very nice and well made bed. Not sure how long this bed will last since I have a puppy that likes to chew. But this bed is doing pretty good!

  5. K***n

    Good bed….. Soft and comfortable for a medium size dog…. seems to keep shape for now but would like a bit more form to the sides so they wouldn’t cave in over time.

  6. M***m

    My dog loves it-she snuggled into it as soon as I took it out of the box. She ignores the other dog bed I’d gotten for her and prefers this one instead. I was pleasantly surprised at how large and soft it is.

  7. A***a

    I went through numerous beds to replace my 5 year old dog bed that he had since a puppy . Every bed I bought him , he didn’t like and choose to stay in his old bed . I thought I’d give it one more try . As soon as I put this bed down my dog Oliver went to lay in right away and stretched out. It is a very well made bed . Very soft and supportive . Will buy again!

  8. B***b

    My only complaint is that there is no zip off cover. Washing the whole thing is a pain.

  9. W***w

    Bought this for our little Pomeranian and she just loves it! It’s super soft and doesn’t trigger my dog chewing on it. I can only get her the more sleek materials because the other beds that have kind of a cotton fluff trigger her trying to chew the fluff off the surface so this bed was perfect.

  10. Z***e

    Great beds, just a bit smaller than i expected as per description.

  11. J***e

    My King Charles Cavalier Spaniel likes to sleep under my desk when I’m working at home. His old bed fell apart, so I got this for him as a replacement. He’s getting a little older and is slow to get up sometimes, so I wanted to find him something rather soft. He’s also deaf and doesn’t talk (not to mention, he’s a dog), so he hasn’t commented one way or the other, but he took to it right away. I’d say that’s a good sign.

  12. K***e

    My dog loves the bed but he’s a 9 pound Maltese and the bed is very big for his size. I don’t know how easy it is to clean it hasn’t gotten dirty yet and I don’t think chewing is going to be an issue with the Maltese. I have never put one of these beds in a washing machine when they get really dirty and just throw them away and buy another one it’s not worth cleaning and certainly not worth risking breaking my machine

  13. D***l

    This is a large, luxurious, cushy bed that we actually got for our very large Norwegian Forest Cat. He loves it! It is very easy to clean…his fur just pulls right off of it when you use your fingers, so I haven’t even used anything else to clean it off. He loves to do his kneading or “happy claws ” on the side while he’s in it. I think any cat or dog would love to sleep on it’s softness.

  14. A***m

    We bought this bed about 11 months ago when we got our new xoloitzcuintli puppy. He liked it right away. He daily does this thing where he “digs to China”, furiously scratching at it with his claws and the fabric has amazingly, not torn. Some of the stitching has come undone, but that doesn’t affect the overall integrity of the bed. We have since purchased a bed for his crate that is made by the same manufacturer. Our dog doesn’t chew on the bed, so I can’t comment on that specifically.

  15. M***a

    So convenient that this bed is machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer too! My newly adopted Jack Russell mix (~18lbs) pup is in love with her bed! We’ve used it for a month now. I’ve washed and dried it once. Looks like it might hold up well at least for a few more washes. Couldn’t be happier with a bed at this cost! Love that it is reversible too! The smooth (suede like) side is for cooler seasons and the corduroy side is for the colder seasons. Looks very cute too.

  16. L***m

    Such a fluffy, durable and nice bed. You wouldn’t believe how inexpensive it was for the quality. I’m so impressed. I needed a cheap bed for my dad’s Father’s Day gift (he adores his dog, so I got her this bed and a dog seatbelt for his car!) and he loved it so much HE used it. 😂 his poor dog didn’t know what was happening. This was worth every penny and it’s now the nicest bed she has and she’s got at least 10 scattered around their house.

  17. E***n

    My dogs love this bed! It’s just the right size for my 15 lb fur baby! Its very soft/plush and looks so cute! It seems to be good quality, and I think that it will hold up over time. She actually chooses to lay in this bed over anywhere else when we are hanging out in the living room! Overall this is a great quality bed for the price, and I would highly recommend it!

  18. C***e

    I bought two, both arrived packaged beautifully and securely. Opened up the separate boxes to beds in their own clean wrapping. Once removed, the beds smelled so fresh and were immaculate. What a great option and bonus that they are reversible, as I chose the softer corduroy for the inside where she lays on. This bed is at a fantastic price for all that you are getting. It is very plush, comfy and cozy for my 13 year old baby to snuggle up or to stretch out in! You absolutely will be so happy to have one for your beloved fur baby too! Pure perfection!

  19. P***l

    I love this bed, and more importantly, my dog loves this bed. He’s about 20 pounds (longer than he is tall), and he fits in the medium with plenty of room to spare. I was searching for a low price but high quality bed and this did not disappoint me! It’s very soft, reversible, and the best part is, it’s super thick! I was worried for the price that it would feel cheap and thin but it is great. I would definitely buy this again. The structure is solid too so it is perfect for a freestanding or in-kennel bed.

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